About Our Business
Our Advantage

We bring a unique blend of credentials and experience most valuable to building owners with hazardous materials issues.  Our President’s college
concentration is in natural resources and environmental economics, a relatively new discipline.  Our education focused on cost-benefit analysis of
environmental projects, including recycling, community development, and applied environmental economics. Our educational background is complimented
with extensive experience in asbestos abatement project designs, especially bidding and contract documents.  Our membership affiliations with the
Construction Specifications Institute, AIHA, ASTM, ACGIH, and the local Environmental Information Association has afforded building owners with the most
powerful practices and valuable resources to help reduce the overall costs of hazardous materials abatement without jeopardizing health, safety, or liability.

The advantage of a smaller company relieves our project managers and our clients of the burden of having to deal with large corporate bureaucracy that limits
timely and effective decision-making. The ability to make executive decisions at the project management level is the core of customer service and
understanding our clients’ needs.  We continually build and maintain resources and experience to offer current and prospective clients innovative, cost-effective
solutions to their environmental compliance needs.  Our senior management is known for:

  • Effective client communication, interaction, and feedback, thus enabling the greatest understanding of project goals.

  • Creative, cost effective solutions driven by value engineering, delivered on time and within budget.

  • Working with the applicable federal, state, and local regulators to secure favorable variances to work rules and procedures resulting in reduced project
    costs and schedules.

  • A staff known for their knowledge, thoroughness, creativity, and common sense approach to resolving complex problems.

  • A corporate commitment to technical precision and successful project completion.

Our philosophy and approach has resulted in an extremely loyal client base.
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