Our Asbestos Surveys, Design Specifications, and Monitoring services assist our clients in minimizing
the potential for impact to asbestos during building management activities (routine maintenance
operations, renovation, and demolition work).  
These services are conducted to reduce the potential for the downtime and cost overruns resulting from discovery of
asbestos during building management activities. Our asbestos consulting services ensure that: (1) all Public Health Code
issues are addressed pursuant to the State Building Codes, (2) no exposure to asbestos occurs during building
management activities, (3) US EPA, US OSHA, US DOT, US HUD, and State requirements are complied with, and (4)
building management activities proceeds in a cost-efficient and uninterrupted manner.
As we employ some of one of the most experienced asbestos management
consultant, we offer a broad range of comprehensive asbestos management
services, including:

• General Consultation
• Hazard Assessments
• Pre-Renovation/Pre-Demolition Investigative Surveys
• Facility Asbestos Management/Operations Audits
• Management Plan Development
• Abatement Cost Estimating and Program Budgeting
• School Inspections and Re-Inspections
• Abatement Design Specifications
• Bid Documents and Contract Administration
• Project Oversight
• Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Programs
• EPA-accredited Training
Our senior management has earned a reputation for excellence in design and implementation of asbestos management
programs for complex occupied facilities. Our staff’s experience in regulatory negotiation and innovative project
design translates to time and cost efficiencies, regardless of project size.  

Over the past 30 years, our Hygienist has surveyed hundreds of millions of square feet of building space and
developed programs in highly visible settings including hospitals, high-rise offices, hotels, airports, universities and
numerous other private and public sector complexes.
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